Leadership Sutras

Presented as an engaging question-answer discussion between a corporate leader and a leadership consultant, 10 Leadership Sutras from Bhagavad-gita makes the timeless wisdom of the philosophical classic, the Bhagavad-gita, accessible to the contemporary mind. Condensing the relevant principles from the Gita into 10 sutra-like statements, it brings a richer, more spiritual appreciation of life, work and success. It provides principles and practices addressing daily concerns such as:

  • Managing stress – Be concerned, not disturbed
  • Team building – Words shape worlds; watch your words
  • Facing reversals – Life determines our problems; we determine their size

Suited not just for present and potential leaders but also for all those who wish to lead themselves more effectively, 10 Leadership Sutras from Bhagavad-gita paves the way towards stronger commitment, greater achievement and deeper fulfillment.

Timeless Wisdom on Current Issues

Gain the eye of wisdom to see timeless principles in action amidst the world’s seeming randomness and let those principles empower you to be an agent of change in your own life and in the world.

  • What is the root cause of gang-rapes?
  • What do scientific advances like the discovery of the God particle imply?
  • Why do we see the paradox of misery amidst prosperity?
  • Can we be spiritual without being religious?
  • Why was the Bhagavad-gita mis-labeled as extremist in Russia?
  • Are ancient scriptures like the Ramayana and traditional festivals like Janmashtami relevant today
  • How can we live spiritually in a materialistic age?How can devotion help us in times of trial?

Gita for Daily Enrichment

Is life a doomed journey from a station called birth to a station called death with a bit of pleasure and a lot of pain sprinkled between? Though we rarely think of life in such stark terms, isn’t that its unvarnished reality? No, it isn’t.  Life has a higher, richer, sweeter dimension – a spiritual dimension – that we frequently overlook amidst the horse-race pace of our current civilization. The Gita for Daily Enrichment makes life’s spiritual dimension readily accessible throughout the year with its 365 brief reflections that can be read in just a few minutes. Meditate daily on the timeless wisdom of the Bhagavad-gita and enrich yourself with the sublime wealth of potent, pleasant and penetrating thoughts.

The Eye to See the "I"

The Eye to See the I features 121 reflections on the Bhagavad-gita that make its insights appreciable in brief, relishable nuggets of wisdom. The book published in hard copy on Janmashtami last year is already nearing the end of its first print run and will go for the second print soon. Some of the reflections in the book are:

  • Money talks – and walks away as it is talking
  • We can’t replace the mind, but we can re-place it
  • The soul seems far out because it is far in
  • Free love is a self-contradiction
  • The heart of knowledge is the knowledge of the heart
  • Let repetition be a re-petition
  • The past won’t last if to Krishna we hold fast

With punchy titles that distill each article’s central message, the Eye to See the I addresses a wide variety of issues, all meant to help us realize and relish the innermost core of our being.


Belong addresses our heart’s longing to belong to something bigger than ourselves – a longing that is nourished and fulfilled by the Bhagavad-gita’s transformational message of spiritual love. While presenting that message in accessible 300-word nuggets, Belong shines the light of the Gita on many themes important for our inner growth:

  • Optimism: Our willingness is more important than our willpower
  • Resentment: Possibilities expand when we begin from where we are instead of where we should be
  • Happiness: Temporary relief from self-inflicted torture is not pleasure
  • Association: Our desires are not just linear, but also triangular
  • Temptation: We don’t have to defeat our lower desires – we can just let them lose
  • Discipline: Rules free you to be you
  • Devotion: Krishna is the master before whom we stand truly erect

These 121 reflections prompt the head and the heart to move closer towards belonging to the one in whom our potentials attain the fullest development and we find the deepest fulfillment.