“Highly accessible and applicable...”

To say that Recession [by Chaitanya Charan] is well-written would be an understatement. The vibrant examples from both modern and traditional contexts, the memorable quotes, the lucid language, the smooth transitions from one theme to another, the nonjudgmental tone throughout, the summary acronym WEALTH at the end – all these make Recession highly accessible and applicable. With the acceleration of the pace of our lives and with the decline of the culture of reading, especially among the youth, the small size of this book is also a great advantage. 

Padmashree Dr. Vijay Bhaskar Eminent Scientist, Developer of Param Supercomputer

“Recession cuts to the heart...”

By exploring the personal and spiritual dimension, Recession cuts to the heart of the issue in a way that volumes of finance and self-help books on the market simply cannot. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has had enough of pointing out the problem and is ready to be part of the solution.

Vineet Chander Coordinator for Hindu Life, Princeton University


Recession [by Chaitanya Charan] has the merit of illuminating the path of millions of people the world over who have become overambitious and greedy in the accumulation of wealth. Furthermore, it provides prescriptions for people to come to reality by embracing the timeless teachings of harmonious living taught by Lord Krishna. A timely book, enriching and inspiring, to be read during these troubled times.

Kailsah Purring President, Mauritius


“Instructive, entertaining and sensible prose...”

Chaitanya Charan Das shows how we can all apply the principles of spiritual science in understanding the mysteries of the universe, the social dimensions of technology, our inner life in the modern world. He accomplishes all this in instructive, entertaining, and sensible prose, showing that intelligence does not equate to wordiness and dryness.

Dr. Micheal Cremo, Eminent Archaeologist and Author of Scientific Bestseller  Forbidden Archaelogy

“Unlocks mysteries...allowing contemporary readers access”

Wisdom texts like the Bhagavad-gita become especially useful when they are brought into modernity by mature and articulate scholar-practitioners. Chaitanya Charan Das is one such person. Through his Gita for Daily Enrichment, he un-locks many of the mysteries of the text, allowing contemporary readers access to an otherwise often impenetrable scripture.

Steven J. Rosen, Editor, Journal of Vaishnava Studies and Back to Godhead Magazine, and author of some 30 books



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